Amy:  Chandeliers & doctor fish

Here's what we did last weekend.

We where invited to go on a staff school retreat so of course we would never refuse to have fun so we said we yes.Well guess what happened --Bentely got sick.So mom, being the kind mother she is, said she would stay with Bentely and we could go to the retreat. So Dad, Kylie and I went on the retreat. It was a 2 hour bus trip but eventually we made it. The hotel we got to stay at was amzing! It had crystal chandeliers in the lobby. There was a ball room and a dinning hall. It was so fancy.

There wear nine floors.But one weird thing is there is never a fourth floor in hotels because the word four sounds exaclty like the word for "death."

Well back to the trip.The meals at the retreat were so good there were two big tables full of food.

Our room had three beds,one tv,one frig, and one bath room.In the entry way their is a slot that you put your room card into to turn on the lights. It turns on and off all the lights in the apartment.More than once Kylie took the card out when I was in the shower. It was so maddening.

There was a theme park in the hotel.They also had public baths. There was two rooms one for men and one for women. I tried the public baths with Lois, Sarah, Alex (a girl!), Lydia and Kylie. It was so much fun and a little embarrassing, but I am glad I tried it.

There was also a bowling ally in the hotel that was cool to. We also did that.

In the pool area they had doctor fish which are small fish that eat dead skin.

I tried swimming with doctor fish it was so much fun. Once you got in they would come in swarms and start eating your dead skin it is actually really healthy for you. When they are done, your feet feel really smooth!

The next day Alex, Lilly, Katreana, Kylie, Miss Vicente ,Hannah and I went to two art museums and a place where you can make pottery. I made a half bowl half plate clay thing and after they dry it the people at the clay place will send it to the school. 

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