Each person is treated with utmost gentleness and respect 

as the friendship and bonding 

between client and CC staff are attained.  

“Why do I love working with seniors?”

“I understand that acute loneliness, the grieving of lost independence and significance creates a need to be acknowledged and valued.  

If an individual is able to come along side you and bring a ray of sunshine, or help you to recall experiences from your past that engage you in conversation about your life and the value your life has had, it is a breath of fresh air to the soul.

Many struggle with depression and loss of hope. Having a cheerful companion visit each week with special attention paid to them helps dispel the loneliness.

When so much has been taken away due to the aging process, having someone focus their attention solely on them is life-giving. I enjoy seeing people happy. I enjoy knowing I have blessed them with each visit

Nancy Collins

Compassion Care  33283 Century Crt., Abbotsford, BC V2S5Y2