Sleepwalkers; by Arthur Koestler

Kila bought this for me in the market in Pnom Penh, Cambodia.  It is a history of science; a biography of many medieval sceintists.  Somehow the author describes tedious detail about later, well known scientists, like Copernicus, in ways that give color and three dimensions to their lives - without the tedium!  At the same time he fills in the shape of historical events to give the reader a complete narrative structure for interpreting and remembering important events in the history of science.  This is a wonderfully told, valuable perspective on the history, philosophy of science and the lives of major scientists such as Coperinucus, Kepler, and Galileo.  Thanks Kila!

Grabs my interest): 4/5

Narrative quality: 5/5

Worth reading: 5/5

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