Cartoon Guide to Genetics, The; by Larry Gonick, & Mark Wheelisn (read 2009)

I found this book in a book sale at Christmas at the school (GSIS).  The author's tone is that of a late teenage boy or college student with regular allusions to "sex" (get it genetics and sex? anyway ...) but the content is still valuable and well presented.  If you understand a lot of it you will snicker at the occasional science jokes (usually in the graphics).

The writing and content is sufficiently valuable (and morally benign) that I plan to use it with my grade 11 IB-DP Biology students this semester.  I am sure they will enjoy it and it will present the technical information in a way that is just plain funner to read. 

I think I could get hooked on graphic novels!  It brings back childhood memories of cowboy comic books.

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