There is no end of books

This year I received books as gifts from authors, "Kingdom Living in the Classroom" by master teacher and friend, Joy McCullough, and Dave Collins' "Reflections."  In addition, one colleague, Laura Sanders is writing a book and a twitter-buddy "Intrepidteacher" is writing a book.  Perhaps it is the year for books.

Well, before Christmas I came across, kindness of Twitter, and so tried the exercise.  The suggestion is to take time each day to sit and pour out 750 words of original writing as an exercise to keep thinking and creativity flowing: or to start it flowing.  This morning mine flowed well!

I used it as an exercise of reflection, thinking, in writing, about what I like.  I am a personality whose interests mirrors my context as much as my internal direction and it is hard - even for me - to identify what I like.  But this concentrated effort of articulation gave me a framework.  It worked!  In 20 minutes I realized what I like; a number of disparate elements.  And in reflecting, I wondered how I could tie them together... One theme, books, seemed obvious, and, as I was writing, the idea of writing came up.

So ... i retrieved a recommended writing tool (thanks Laura!) called "Scrivener" and sat down and began to flesh out my story.

This is F U N!!

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