"I want to recommend..."

I am sitting at my desk in my cluttered office at school realizing: (1) why teacher's desks are always piled with papers and (2) how much I love my students.

I'm typing my 12th recommendation letter for another one of my wonderful students.  This is a girl who does good academic work, but also demonstrates holistic lifestyle that balances relationships with peers, sports, and school alongside a life of faith.  It is so easy to tell school why she is a gem.  The only challenge in the recommendation is basic writing skills of coherent organization, flow, linking paragraphs with common ideas, word choice and so on.

I look forward to September 2011 when all by fledgling students will have flown my coop, out into the bright blue spring sky of their adult lives.  

Students: fly; soar on eagles wings. And write to tell me how I can better encourage, support, nurture, teach, mentor students who are coming after you.  Thank you for being excellent models to the younger students in your school.  You have made GSIS a wonderful place by spending yourselves in our community.

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