The Reincarnation of Ozymandias

I think I can stay out of talking politics in general, but I just have to say something as I endure the barrage of Primary coverage.

As a teacher who cares about building people’s capacity to think clearly as well as to care for and empathize with others, I am incredibly disappointed in most of this election to date. What saddens me is the degree to which strategy and rhetoric is about “winning” and not about people.

The Democrats, the Republicans and their media Descriptors:

  • maneuver,
  • adjust,
  • tweak,
  • downplay,
  • spin,
  • and re-interpret

… with the singular goal of WINNING.

I am disappointed – but not surprised – we have come to this place. We no longer care about people, about doing good, about building citizens and society as much as we care about entertainment, narcissism and “winning.”

“Look on my Works, ye Mighty and Despair…” Really? Really we don’t need a King or a Queen or a new Kingdom. We need communication instead of rhetoric. We connection instead of alienation. Does Capitalism mean “capitalize on the weaknesses of others”? Does Democracy mean “gather the common people into a mob?”

We are broken, stumbling people who need connection with other human beings. We need to encourage and support one another. We need to build community and connections rather than build kingdoms (or kings or queens).

Like Red Green said many times on his very earthy TV show: “Remember: we’re all in this together!”


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