Guest Blog: Tae Kwon Do in Korean & Canada (Ted)

Ted ESL 2016When I was in Canada, I could have an opportunity to visit Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial art) gym. On the day of visiting, I wore my Tae Kwon Do cloth (called do-bok) and got on a car. About 30 minutes later I arrived and met the grand master. Then I did wasm-up exercise and participate in a class.

After I finished the class, I felt differences from Korean Tae Kwon Do. First thing is thinking of “black belt.” Black belt is the last level of Tae Kwon Do (of course there are levels in black belt, from Dan 1 to Dan 9.) However, in Korea, everyone have learned when they’re children and have “black belt.” So Black Belt is common in Korea. In Canada, not only is black belt uncommon, but also it takes long time to get it. Only people who make efforts can get Black Belt.

Second one is language. Some work are not translated to English but many words are done. It took some time to get used to the words.

Last, Canadian Tae Kwon Do emphasize mental power. Also it separate mental and physical power clearly. In Korea, parents usually send their children to make theirs strong. For this reason, the gym often teach physical power only.

I think if you want to learn “Tae Kwon Do,” properly, Canadian gym will be better for you. Those differences make Tae Kwon Do more attractive.


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