Guest Blog: Hamburgers? No! Canada? Yes! (Tina)

Tina ESL 2016We went to Canada on 7/20/2016. We went to Canada to learn English and evangelize. I went to many attraction include Vancouver. We went to swimming pool, too. I though that Canada had many swimming pool. There were hotel, Mission and Mill Lake area.

Also, I ate lots of hamburgers and Coke. At first time I had stomachache often. I loved hamburger at Korea, but I hate hamburger right now. Sometimes I ate Korean food include rice, black bean noodle and kimchi soup.

We saw many beautiful scenery at attraction. One of my favorite things is that the sun is long. If sun is long we can play more! because its not dangerous. I learned many things here. My view =point changed after I went here. I met good friends and teachers at here. At school I met Mr. Reimer and Mr. Dueck. They taught us and loved us. I don’t want to go to Korea back. I want to live in Canada.

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