Guest Blog: Canadian & Korean Differences (Lina)

Lina ESL 2016I had a lot of experience while I was in Canada. Also I felt many things. First I realized the difference between Canada and Korea. I think Canada is filled of individualism. I’m not saying it is not bad, but in Korea, we are so different to Canada, so I had a lot of time to used to it. When I was in the hotel, the young kids were singing, screaming and running, so some people who was in the hotel called cop. When I heard of that thing I was so shocked.

Second thing that I experience was Canada education makes student comfortable and understand easy. Mr Reimer and Mr. Dueck was good listener to us. And if we speak wrong sentence or speak lowly, the were always good listener. And they knew the way that how to make a class mood good and active.

I learned lots of things in Canada and I want to study more in Canada. And one more thing: the Canadian guy is so handsome!

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