Not very Vicarious


40 years ago, as an eleven year old, in Regina Saskatchewan, my mom and dad gave me an opportunity, “What instrument would you like to take lessons on?” Interestingly, in some kind of metaphysical symmetry, I asked my son the same thing this year (he is 11 now.) Probably without any coincidence, at events separated by 40 years, we both answered “Drums!”

And both of us were denied: me because of the noise in the house, and the lack of portability, since we traveled back to Thailand from Saskatchewan. I took guitar lessons for that year. Bentley was denied because we had a piano but did not have drums.Until now! Thanks to Craigslist we now have drums! A 7 piece drum set in immaculate condition (thanks to the previous, fastidious, owner!) They also sent along 5 pairs of drum sticks, a metronome, several self-teaching books with CDs and a music stand. We happily accepted the whole thing! And Bentley and I both are enjoying it. He is goofing around a little bit (we are looking for a drum teacher now). I am on lesson 4. And my left shin hurts from playing the “high hat” in 1/8th notes. Hopefully as time goes on my muscles become used to it and don’t hurt after practice. I am starting to read drum music and teaching it to Bentley.

We both are having a lot of fun, but Bentley is certainly not having more fun than his dad!


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