A Downside of Security

WP login screen.PNG

Since my last post in Malaysia, I have been unable to return and edit this blog. Ok; full disclosure: I forgot my password. That is no big deal. Unless you have taken pains to make your site secure. This blog was made “more secure” by a secondary verification protocol. If I forgot my password, say the instructions, verification over the phone, by text, would protect me.

Protect me from myself what was I did not foresee. When I moved to Seattle in summer 2014, I did not have access to my Malaysian phone number. So all those, “I forgot my password” buttons that I punched, took me to a window which assured me that my code, sent via SMS would let me log in. Off course, WordPress sent those codes to Malaysia. I, however, was trying to access my blog from Seattle. “Two roads diverged [on the information highway]…”

But today I was able to chat a WordPress Happiness Engineer and she “engineered” happiness for me! After several strategies (thinking of alternatives is indeed a skill of the 21st century) she got back into my account. I can’t thank her enough!

I’m home!



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