Engaged with “Biomimetic chromatophores…”

motivated learningThere are few things that give teacher’s a rush the way true engagement does. Hearing kids talk about concepts, negotiating what they believe to be true (“Does convection happen only in liquids? Wouldn’t air convect too?”) or trying to think of novel applications for their ideas (“Do you think we could make something like a microwave oven except it cools instead of heats?”).

Today students were working on developing their presentations and planning the 3D model they will use in their presentation next Monday. While they were engaged in the computer lab, I passed one of my students with a documented learning disability. This student had the above article open on their iPad (using both computers and iPads!) They were working with their partner to try to find a way to make a fabric that would change colors so you could tell when a person was sick (I think this would be something like a hospital gown, but they are still working on the details.)

They have run into dyes that change color, fabrics that change color, color changing crystals and lot of other possibilities. I was THRILLED to see what they were reading. I figure that tackling something so challenging in an indication of motivation. The more you want to do something the harder you will work to make it happen.

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