Picture > ((words) x 10^3)

pickle 1

In my second year of teaching chemistry I want to, as always, make my course increasingly engaging and participatory. We just dug into the periodic table and did the grueling “memory week:”

  1. memorize monovalent, binary, ionic compound names;
  2. memorize multivalent, binary, ionic compound names (using Stock system);
  3. memorize binary, nonionic compounds;
  4. memorize 22 polyatomic ions

Now I want to make a transition to DOING chemistry to use the breadth of their recently acquired knowledge in cool and meaningful ways. First stop: Check out the properties of ionic solutions. Not by definition, but my freaking cool demonstration: the Electric Pickle or, according to the jar label “Gherkin” Electrocution. (Hmmm is that too anthropomorphic?… I don’t mean it in that sense!)

Pickle 2

Doesn’t it look great (above)! Probably need to insert the aluminum electrodes horizontally to get more of the length of the pickle glowing! Good; something to tinker with!

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