Atom Model 2008 (Chem 1)

Build a simple 3-D model of one atom and send a photo of your model that clearly shows your model, the labels and your face by email attachment to Mr. Reimer with the subject:  D_atom_name.  You do not bring your model to school; you just send the picture of your model to Mr. Reimer.

Choose from element #3 (lithium) - #20 (calcium).  Your model should be three dimensional (not drawn on paper) and can be made out of any material (fruit, Lego, Kinex, paper, foam, Tinker Toys) except atom model kits.  

The protons, neutrons and electrons should be clearly labeled so I can read the labels in the photo.  Your face should be visible so I can tell who's model it is.

If you have an atom with more than one layer of electrons then represent the layers by having electrons different distances from the nucleus.  You do not have to show electrons shells, but the electrons themselves should be at ditances that indicate which shel they would be in.

Sorry there are no example photos.  I will use your examples for students next year!

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